Music Rhythm LED Flashlight Circuit Diagram

sound controlled lights circuit


Using Components:

2* BC547

1* 1K Resistor

2* 10k Resistor

1* 1M Resistor

1* 100nf Capacitor

1* Mic

4* Some LED

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  • Bc547 npn transistor 45v 100ma hfe 150 specifications: bipolar transistor, npn, 45v, to-92
  • Transistor polarity: npn emitter voltage v(br)ceo: 45v transition frequency type ft: 300 mhz power dissipation pd: 625mw
  • Current: 100ma dc current gain hfe: 150 straight-lead housing

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  • Model: BC547 Transistor Type: NPN Collector Base Voltage: 45V Collector Emitter Voltage: 50V Emitter Base Voltage: 6V Collector Current: 0.5A Power Dissipation: 625mW Storage Temperature: -55℃ ~ +150℃ Package: TO-92 Total Size: Approx. 0.7 x 0.1 inch Pin Size: Approx. 0.5 x 0.1 inch

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  • Standard product
  • BC547 Transistor
  • Pack of 10 Pcs

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