How to Make AC Voltage Detector

ac voltage detector circuit diagram

Using Components: 



220ohm resistor

10k resistor

10uf 25volt Cap


Copper Wire For Antenna

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  • They have characters like small cubage, low wastage and high voice pressure
  • 3-24V small enclosed piezo electronic buzzer alarm 95dB with wires
  • Diameter: 38mm.height 22mm. Input Voltage: 3.5-12V. Current:
  • Color as show on picture. Package includes 2 item.

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  • Timer IC No. of Pins:8
  • Supply Voltage Max:18V Supply Current Max:15A
  • Operating Temperature Range:0°C to +70°C Frequency:0.5GHz IC Generic Number:555 Leaded Process Compatible: Yes

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  • Carbon film resistors, 50+ values
  • Quantity: 1000 pieces (20 each)
  • Tolerance: 5 percent, power rating: 0.25 watt

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  • Most useful and cost effective combo of capacitors-resistors-transistors ever
  • Each transistor piece qc tested
  • Max voltage output
  • Low power dissipation

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