How to connect Volume Bass Treble tone Circuit diagram

bass treble tone control circuit


Circuit Board Components:

1pcs.4558 IC

1Pcs. 7812 IC

1Pcs. 7912 IC

2pcs.1K Resistance

4pcs.4.7K Resistance

2pcs.100K Resistance

2pcs.220K Resistance

1pcs.3.3K Resistance

2pcs.1uf50v Capacitor

2pcs.2.2uf50v Capacitor

2pcs.100uf25v Capacitor

4pcs.470pf Capacitor =471

2pcs.4700pf Capacitor =472

2pcs.0.1uf Capacitor =104

1pcs.47K Potentiometer

3pcs.100K Potentiometer

Gerber File:  Click Here
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